About Us

The Peel Community Development Group (PCDG) is an independent not-for profit organisation established in 2001.  The PCDG works to support and strengthen a positive sustainable community development process in the Peel region, whilst advocating for and supporting the work of the community sector.

PCDG operate under clear, agreed values and principles that guide our decision-making.  All actions of PCDG will contribute to:

  • Empowerment of individuals and community
  • Maintaining natural and cultural assets
  • Valuing and including diversity
  • Equality of access
  • Recognising the unique identity and value of distinct communities

The Peel Community Development Group aims to promote and support services that meet the community's needs while also promoting and supporting community cohesion. We assist in the development of various groups, professionals and leaders in the community and seek to improve the coordination of community development initiatives.

The PCDG aims to bring both community development practices and community services together, to address issues and opportunities collaboratively. This is achieved through an understanding and articulation of needs and by raising awareness of issues in the Peel region; whilst maintaining a positive focus on the community sector’s strengths and successes. Support for local community networks is important for achieving wide reaching engagement to develop sustainable support structures and reduce isolation for community development practitioners.

The Peel Community Development Group has the ability to respond effectively to the social temperature of the region and plan strategically for sustainable development processes. PCDG continues to be a peak regional body to support the social interests of the region and contribute to growth in positive regional initiatives for the community. 

The PCDG commits to:

  • Develop and maintain constructive networks and relationships for PCDG;
  • Promote collaborative relationships between community, organisations/groups and service providers;
  • Identify, articulate and advocate for community needs;
  • Identify and respond to gaps in social service delivery;
  • Support and empower communities to develop their resilience and capacity;
  • Increase representation of regional interests and promote the growth of regional initiatives to support vibrant communities within the Peel region;
  • Link the five Local Government Areas, to develop local initiatives, and to negotiate connection with a regional vision;
  •  Further develop social research data pertinent to the Peel region.