Alliance reflects on its fight and looks to the future
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Alliance reflects on its fight and looks to the future

Peel Says No to Violence recently held their first Alliance sharing morning tea to facilitate discussion about what the Alliance has already achieved as well as opportunities and ideas for the future.

The PSNTV Alliance is a group of organisations and individuals who have pledged to undertake an activity to raise awareness and understanding of family & domestic violence in our community. As well as understanding the issue, these pledge activities also focus on changing attitudes towards about family and domestic violence in order to reduce its occurrence, and provide education so people are able to find help and support for those who have experienced it.

Rather than a single organisation representing a single voice or one-off event around the issue, the Alliance hopes to generate a wide range of smaller activities and many community voices that are able to increase awareness & understanding through their own networks.

The types of activities are as varied as the organisations who pledge them and range from community morning teas, assistance for kids experiencing FDV, employee training, cyber-safety workshops, presentations & codes of conduct for sporting clubs, as well as communications and publications.

There was a wonderful turnout of Alliance members, Community Champions and people interested joining the Alliance with a great discussion about opportunities and ideas for the future.

Sharing our experiences is an important aspect of being an Alliance member - being able to come together to talk about the things we've planned or done, how they went, the issues we’ve faced, the outcomes we've achieved and the things we've learned.

But most of all, it's inspiring and energising to know that there are so many people willing to come together to join resources, share ideas and make things happen to change the way we think about and deal with family and domestic violence.

For more information about the pledges current Alliance members have made and to find out what you or your organisation could do as an Alliance member, please visit the Peel Says No to Violence website;

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PCDG Annual General Meeting
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PCDG Annual General Meeting

The Peel Community Development Group is pleased to invite you to attend its Annual General Meeting to hear about our accomplishments over the past year, elect Board members for the coming term, hear from our guest speakers and share afternoon tea.

Date: 14 November 2017

Time: 3pm

Venue: Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, 41 Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah (located behind Reading Cinemas)

Guest Speakers: Katie Stubley from Centre of Social Impact and Dylan Smith from Fremantle Foundations will provide us with an overview of the exciting Impact Lab initiative.

Please RSVP to

If you would like to nominate to be a Board member please complete the nomination form here and return prior to 7 November 2017.

If you have not yet renewed your membership with PCDG please do so by completing our member survey here.

In preparation for the AGM, PCDG has also been preparing to update its Constitution to ensure compliance with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.  A draft Constitution is available on our website here.  At the meeting it is intended that the following resolution be proposed as a special resolution:

That the Constitution of Peel Community Development Group (PCDG), in the form presented to the Annual General Meeting by the Chairperson of the Annual General Meeting, be adopted as the Constitution of the Peel Community Development Group in substitution  for and to the exclusion of the PCDG’s existing Constitution.

Summary of proposed new Constitution  

The following items reflect a change of intent from the current Constitution:

4.4 – changed from Peel 2020 to Peel Regional Investment Blueprint to reflect the most current strategy document for the region.

0.4 – Minimum number of other Board members changed from 6 to 4

10.5 – changed from '... the Board must have ...' to 'the Board will seek to...'

11.2 – added:

To be eligible for Board membership the nominee must demonstrate a range of skills and experience as follows:

General Board skills and experience required are:  

  • High level critical thinking, capacity to write, capacity and confidence to present in public
  • Community development expertise and experience
  • Proven community based networks

Nominees also need to demonstrate their capacity to represent one of the following:

  • Community groups
  • Service providers  
  • Local government areas
  • Those who can provide an overarching view of the whole region

The Board Executive Committee will convene prior to the Annual General meeting to confirm the eligibility of nominees as per the abovementioned criteria.  Where a nominee is considered to have not met the criteria they will be contacted prior to the meeting and asked to either withdraw their nomination or provide further information.

11.4 – term changed from one year to two years.

11.7 – added - If more than one member has nominated for a position or there are more nominations than vacant positions, the ordinary members at the meeting must vote with consideration of sub-rule (10.5).  Each member present may vote for one member who has nominated for the position.  A member who has nominated may vote for himself or herself.

11.8 added to - If such nominations from the floor do not exceed the number of vacancies and the Executive consider the skills and experience of the nominees to be suitable the Chairperson must declare those persons to be duly elected as members of the Board.   If more than one member has nominated for a position or there are more nominations than vacant positions, the ordinary members at the meeting must vote with consideration of sub-rule (10.5).  Each member present may vote for one member who has nominated for the position.  A member who has nominated may vote for himself or herself.

14.1 – reduced minimum number of meetings per year from 11 to 6.

14.4 – added - Board members may attend the meeting in person or via telephone or video conference.

16.1 – altered the time to prepare minutes from 14 days to 30 days.

20 – changed to reflect the way in which the PCDG can execute documents given that we do not have a common seal.

22 – this section has been added from the model rules to clearly provide guidance on Financial Matters. 

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 Silent March for Domestic Violence
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Silent March for Domestic Violence

On Friday 20th November 2015 families, friends and community members will gather for the 5th Annual Peel Silent Memorial March for Domestic & Family Violence in loving memory of all those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic homicide and to call for prevention, protection and support for all those who survive and grieve the experience of domestic violence.

Allambee Counselling Inc and Pat Thomas House Inc warmly invite all community members to join us at this important event. The gathering will start at Mewburn Gardens, Sholl Street, Mandurah. Keynote speakers will start the address at 10am followed by a Silent March along Mandurah Terrace to the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre for light refreshments.  Music will be provided by students from John Tonkin College.

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PCDG Homelessness and Housing Roundtable
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PCDG Homelessness and Housing Roundtable

It is hoped that the roundtable conversations will identify a number of local community groups and government and non-government organisations, who are willing to work together on a project. 

The need for the Peel Region at this point, is “bricks and mortar”. The real need is in housing infrastructure including quantity and variety. Mandurah has a housing shortage issue with a solution needing to be both economical; while benefiting the community in regards to growth, the employment sector and improving the resilience of the community to flourish.

A range of groups are in need of housing support. One agency has identified that one of the growing groups is 13 – 19 year olds. Data from WACOSS states that domestic violence is one of the key factors to homelessness and that domestic violence then affects not just one member of the household but many. This then affects the wider community by impacting on the economic growth in the community as housing becomes an issue for families there concern for jobs gets pushed down the list of priorities.

A variety of models are available for addressing homelessness and housing affordability issues including; The Foyer model, Common Ground, St Barts etc. The Peel Region may benefit from a more flexible model that meets the needs of a wider variety of people. The Peel Region is fortunate to have a very capable group of agencies ready and willing to offer support to projects. 

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PCDG Conference 2014 - Embracing Change
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PCDG Conference 2014 - Embracing Change

Our inaugural community sector conference was held in February and provided a wonderful development and networking forum for volunteers and professionals from across the Peel region. As the expectations of our communities, and the level of funding and service provision by governments change, the sector also needs to adapt and change the way it organises, measures and delivers its programs.

‘Embracing Change’ was the theme set for the conference with inspiring presentations from an impressive line up of keynote speakers including:

  • Hon. Dr Carmen Lawrence, Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Change in the School of Psychology at the University of Western Australia and former Premier of Western Australia
  • Peter Kenyon, Social Capitalist and Community Enthusiast, and founder of the Bank of Ideas
  • Moira Rayner, Senior Fellow at Melbourne University's Law School and former Commissioner for Equal Opportunity in Victoria
  • Prof. Lyn Beazley, former Chief Scientist for Western Australia

Workshops sessions were led by Helen Creed from WACOSS, Carina Calzoni from Clear Horizon, Tanya Beachey from Alcoa and Mellisa Teede from the Peel Development Commission

Over 125 people attended the conference at Fairbridge Village in Pinjarra, and with sponsorship support from Alcoa, the PCDG was delighted with the overwhelmingly positive feedback and networks created.

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