Peel Away the Mask

Published in 2001, 'Peel Away the Mask' became a core reference for the Region's community services sector.

The Peel Development Commission, with Alcoa World Alumina Australia and the social service sector carried out a socio-economic study into the condition of the region. The study identified the two diverse faces of the region – the high income lifestyle side and the low income families that are struggling to make ends meet. The study called “Peel Away the Mask” showed that the growing social disadvantage has resulted from rapid population growth and insufficient servicing. The social dichotomy presents a complex challenge for the region, initially because the issues were hidden under apparent prosperity, new housing settlements and several major infrastructure projects. 

After ten years there was a clear need to update this document and so the PCDG commissioned Dr Robyn Mayes of Curtin University to produce Peel Away the Mask II (PATM II). Like its predecessor, Peel Away the Mask II is an insightful document which will inform strategic economic, social and environmental development in the Peel Region.