Peel Community Development Group Membership Update


Peel Community Development Group Membership Update

The Peel Community Development Group (PCDG) is a not-for-profit organisation that works to support and strengthen a positive and sustainable community development process in the Peel region, whilst advocating for and supporting the work of the community sector.

PCDG is run by a committed volunteer board with members who each bring a diverse range of skills,
experience and local knowledge to assist the PCDG in its various projects and activities.

In recent years, the PCDG has focussed on -

  • Providing professional development opportunities for community sector practitioners through hosting local conferences and information sessions with high profile speakers and quality presentations at an affordable price
  • Facilitating dialogue, research and planning across the sector to address transitional housing needs for families with young children
  • Developing and leading the Peel Says No To Violence Project in partnership with Peel Community Legal Service, Allambee Counselling, Peel Youth Services and Pat Thomas House
  • Maintaining communication with Members of Parliament who represent our region and ensuring the voice of the community and sector is heard
  • Working with the five local governments within the region, Peel Development Commission, Regional Development Australia Peel and the Peel Harvey Catchment Council through our participation in the Peel Regional Leaders Forum to provide a community perspective to collective regional issues and projects
  • Attracting a broader cross section of Peel people to the PCDG board including from Waroona and Serpentine
  • Increasing the flow of information to our community sector via electronic newsletters and an improved Facebook presence (new in 2017!)
An important part of what we do is connecting with the community sector in Peel to understand the issues and challenges faced, and using our networks to advocate for the needs of the region.  In order to continue this work, we need your comminuted support through membership of the PCDG and participation in our dialogue, projects and events.

Why be a member of PCDG?
  • To make sure you are part of the advocacy and support network for the Peel community and community sector.
  • To keep the PCDG Board informed of priority issues as you see them in your work and/or community.
  • To ensure we know who to talk with about the challenges and opportunities within the Peel region.

What does it cost?
Nothing. Membership of PCDG is free – all we need are your current contact details.

How do I join or renew my membership?
Just follow this link and let us know your preference here.

Can I just be on the PCDG mailing list without being a member?
Of course. PCDG Is keen to keep people informed of our activities and advocacy work. But given that membership is free, we’d love you to join.  Just follow this link and let us know your preference.

Who are the current board members?
Have a look here on our website for profiles of each of our current volunteer board members.
How do I find out more information?
Please update your details by responding to the survey here

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