Street Net now at the Billy Dower Youth Centre!

Peel Community Development Group (PCDG) auspices Allambee to deliver the Street Net Youth Service that has been operating in the Peel Region since 1999, providing support, information and referral to ‘at risk’ young people.
During Januray 2015 Street Net moved to the Billy Dower Youth Centre and is now co-located with other youth services including Peel Youth Medical Services and the School Volunteer Program. Staff have settled well into the new office, and have more opportunities to engage with young people and network with other services.
Street Net’s Services for Young People At Risk Progress Report for the July - December 2014 period was recently submitted to the services funding body, the Department of Child Protection and Family Services. During this reporting period over 100 young people received support from Street Net through programs and projects, case management and significant support, workshops and other activities.

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