Continuing to Build Capacity for the Peel Region

Here at PCDG we were interested to hear from guest speaker Jenna Palumbo, who gave a great presentation about Social Ventures Australia (SVA), detailing areas that SVA provides support to non-for-profits in Australia. A number of interesting concepts were discussed including: Venture Philanthropy, Impact Investing, and Social Impact Funds. PCDG is planning to host an afternoon workshop/forum in early 2016 and will invite Jenna to come along and speak, but until then, head over to SVA's website to learn more.

We also spoke with Kerrie-Anne Cugley from Child Australia, a leading early years not for profit organisations in Australia, dedicated to improving children’s developmental outcomes. Child Australia have been working hard to develop a Peel Regional Children’s Services Plan to propose a way towards developing a sustainable Education and Care Sector, and have invited the PCDG to be included in their future roundtable discussions. Child Australia will also be hosting a family daycare working group in Waroona towards the end of August, promoting mothers/women back into the workforce.

At our next meeting, PCDG will be hearing from guest speakers regarding domestic violence in the Peel region as we look to better understand and tackle this concerning issue.